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Welcome to the pattern library. Patterns (sometimes referred to as design templates) are often used in different design disciplines as abstractions of design features can be shared and adapted for operationalization in different design contexts. Patterns can also be considered as artefacts for knowledge management and consolidation within the respective design communities. In Learning Design Studio (LDS), learning design patterns are used to capture the re-usable applications of pedagogical principles in different settings. As there are different levels of pedagogical decision making in learning design, we have organized the learning design patterns (which are non-exhaustive) into four levels, namely: pedagogical approach patterns (PA patterns), course level patterns, curriculum component patterns (CC patterns), and task patterns.

While users can browse and use any of these patterns, the greatest power and utility to be derived from these patterns is to construct a course by selecting the pedagogically aligned patterns at different levels for the appropriate learning and teaching contexts. Hence we provide here two ways for users to navigate our pattern library: (1) Connected Patterns—showing examples of course level patterns are constructed using pedagogically aligned patterns at pedagogical approach, curriculum component and task levels; (2) Pattern Collection—four sets of patterns that users can browse for inspiration and ideas for constructing their own courses or some course subcomponents.

Connected Patterns

Pattern Collection